Singapore Virtual Aviation Rules :

    1- Entering the airline as a pilot requires passing the written recruitment exam

                     A.   Basic exam of principles and aviation sciences such as Instruments and VFR and IFR flights

                     B.   If you do not pass the exam, you must wait 5 days, except in special circumstances with the approval

                           of the exam department.

    2- Having at least 5 hours of activity in the IVAO global network

    3- Flight for 5 hours with Cesna to enter the flight line or your first 5 flights must be exactly
        according to the criteria of the examiner

                       A.  If you want to go straight to IFR flight and control your 5 flights,

                            note that if you do not follow the criteria,

                            the system will automatically deactivate after 3 wrong flights.

    4- Familiarity with one of the following types:

                       A.   A320 FAMILY / B737

    5- Full commitment to scheduled flights by the airline

    6- Perform at least 3 hours of flight during the week

    7- Commitment to maintain the health of the aircraft in performing flight affairs

                     A.   In case the plane is damaged up to 3 times due to the pilot's negligence,

                            the pilot's license will be suspended by the company and the dispute resolution council will review the                                
                            pilot's condition

    8- Pilots must operate all their flights online under the IVAO network

    9- Pilots must register all their flights under ACARS network

    10- Pilots must fly with the information received from the dispatcher

    11- Pilots must fly according to standards during the flight, such as :

                     A.   Observing the speed and altitude during the flight

                     B.   Check load and flight information

                     C.   Observance of standard principles during landing and takeoff of aircraft

                     D.   Observing the principles of flight traffic when attending areas with online units

    12- In order to improve the rate in the airline, the pilot is required to pass the theoretical and written typing exam

    13- Messages given in the UNICOM section of the IVAO network must be in accordance with the rules of this network

    14- Respect for the rights of others and respect for others is one of the constitutions of Singapore Virtual Airlines

    15- All users must have a specific identity and also only one account

    16- The Supervision Dep has a full and legal right to supervise other departments and can deal with or warn those
           who do not comply with the law and report to the management if necessary.

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