Sajad Salehi


Founder and CEO of SVA, with 6 years of experience in ivao and pilot in reality

Roham Moradi

Examiner 02

Assistant Director of Flight Operations and Examiner,flight and controller in ivao and pilot in reality

Behdad Motevali

Deputy CEO / membership

Assistant and Deputy CEO, 2 years flying in ivao and a student pilot in reality.

Mahdi Aalaei

SVA Flight Supervisor

Supervise and manage all disputes and establish order in the departments, ivao flight history and pilot student in reality

Amir Cheraghi

Flight Operations Manager

Flight operations manager, ATC and pilot in ivao, UL pilot in reality

Armin Molamverdi

Examiner 01

Airline examiner, airline pilot in reality, history of flying with golden routes in ivao